About Us
Hi, that is me above, my family and I have a love of the outdoors of the the West Coast of South Australia and KI and have been showing it to people for years.I grew up in Coffin Bay and Port Lincoln and spent all of my spare time exploring the bushland, looking for new spearfishing and fishing spots learning to be proficient at free diving, sailboarding, body surfing, 4wding and having fun.etcetc. Then after attaining a degree in science (agric) off to KI for farm work and tour guiding starting KI Outdoor Action in 1991, the company is still going strong now....,we did many of the early TV holiday and action shows as well as building limestone cottages and showing thousands of backpackers The Great Southern Ocean and its hinterlands. But wanted to show the children the Port Lincoln area and have a bit of a break, so sold up and travelled around Australia for a while then headed and settled on The West Coast (as its called in South Australia). I have been working with the aboriginal community for the last six years in health and sporting areas as well as continuing taking people on adventures and or hiring gear out such as surfboards, dingies etc as well as bringing up two fantastic adventurous humans (now 19 and 20)

There is nothing I have ever wanted to do more than share the adventures and beauty of the southern coast of South Australia. 

feel free to call anytime and if we are out of signal range and dont recieve it immediatly we will return your call as soon as possible
awesome seacliff and cave hike , unspoilt beaches dunes and bushland only accesssable by 4wd , wildlife safari spotting kangaroos emu snakes and a koala option , sandboarding , snorkeling swimming and viewing stunning rockpools amongst immensly powerful waves .
this activity day is much like Port Lincoln with the added bonus of visiting the stunning little coastal town of B E A utiful Coffin Bay . 

this activity day combines the best of both regions getting way out there in the bush and along the coast  all the activities included and you get to see the lot !

zup boarding , scurfing , skiing , tube riding , snorkling , sightseeing , fishing , squid , mussels scallops . There is endless opportunities with both Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay being meccas for boating activities . Two boats available one 3.8 metre one 6 metre . All equipment mentioed can be hired or thrown in with cost . A guide can be provided .
​hosting large groups whether it be for team bonding and building or small mental health outings as well as community events ( the ZORB BALL has been popular lately )